Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Paul Boys

I actually did this shoot of Gus and Carter in the middle of the summer... I just never got around to posting it.
We only took a few photos with Dad. The rest of the time I just followed the boys around.
At first we tried to take some more serious photos for Mom.

But things got goofy real fast.

Carter is such a ham.

This was probably one of the only semi-serious photos of the two of them together.

They had beautiful light in their living room.

I let Carter pick out where he wanted to stand... he was very concerned about what the background looked like.

Then he wanted to climb a tree... that was fun too. This was one of my favorite shots of the day.

For Gus' part of the shoot he wanted to go into the woods and break down "widow makers"... Dead trees that you can push over with your bare hands, however you have to be careful the top doesn't fall off and hit you in the head.

He also wanted to ride this bike around. Love the colors in the door.

In the end we came inside and they played with Carter's remote control helicopter.

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