Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seniors: Savannah

Savannah said she liked buildings and stuff better than plants and trees for a back drop, so we decided to head downtown. When I walked up to her car and asked her how she felt about trespassing she got super excited... I knew we were in for a fun day.We got lots of great shots, but this one is my absolute favorite. Love the mood...love the colors.

She kind of looks like Kelley Rippa in this one...I know I'm sure I butchered her name.

There were so many good places to take pictures.

This thing was fun. I think it was a lumber rack or something.

The reflected light in these was so pretty.

She was a great model, gave me lots to work with.

Nico and Cierra Fall 2010

We'd been trying all summer to get the cousins together to take pictures for Grandma. So this is my niece Cierra and my son Nico.
She has the biggest blue eyes.

Love this picture of Nico.

He already knows about girls.

So I tried laying on the ground and calling Cierra over and she bent over and looked right in the camera... so funny.

I tried the same thing with Nico with very different results.

These were fun... we tried to show her how to throw the leaves over her head, but she couldn't quite get it... so we threw leaves at her.

She was a good sport about it.

He makes this face all the time... cracks me up.

Such a girl.

Nico 1 Year Old

So my son just turned one last month. It took me a few weeks to finally get around to taking some pictures of him... but we did it .
He's such a cute kid.

I LOVE these... He's smiling because his dad came home... he likes his dad so much.

He had only been walking for about a week or two at this point.

Chillin with Dad.

Don't know why, but he loves this bench.