Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beth & Ralph

Beth and Ralph got married in her parents yard... very small and very simple... it was awesome for photos.  Beth is a world renowned violinist and very classic and very beautiful like her art.  It was fun trying to capture that in my photos.

The big brothers :)

Dean Girls

These girls were awesome... they took me on a trip through the "sneaky woods" ... which were just the bushes at the library... which meant I was crawling around on the ground in the bushes with all my camera gear... it was fun :)

This series of images was hilarious... they were pretending to fart which made them giggle hysterically... made for some great shots.

Absolutely love this one.

Willow & Tim

Willow and Tim... what can I say... photographing beautiful people in Seattle was a dream come true... I think some of my favorite photos I've ever taken I took at their wedding.

I LOVE this photo... is that bad to say about one of my own pictures?

Amazing... beautiful....

This was actually more of a picture of the building... they just happened to be in it ;)