Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kayli 6 Months

This is a shoot I just did this last week... and I got it posted on my blog... I'm so proud of myself. Still have 2 weddings to sift thorough... but I will post them eventually.

It's finally warm enough for babies outside... YAY!

This shot was amazing... all she wanted to do was play with the watering can... but it worked.

It took my a long time to find a good vintage wire basket... but I finally did and I love it... I keep using it in all my shoots.


Some of my newborns

I think lots of people assume that I take these newborn photos in my studio... but believe it or not, both of these shoots were done in their homes. All I need is a window with decent light. I think in the end the moms are always grateful :)




Ashely is a very pretty girl and she was up for anything. I was wearing winter boots, a coat, hat and gloves during these photos... she didn't complain at all about being cold... even after she fell in the snowbank.

This is my favorite... her face looks amazing.

These were taken after falling in the snowbank :)

So, cute!

Lauren Senior Pics

Lauren is a girl after my own heart. Edgy and beautiful. I was so glad she asked me to do her senior photos... it was lots of fun. We went to the woods by the transfer site, the Ace Hardware parking lot, and I had her sit on the median in the middle of the highway... she was a good sport.

She is sooo pretty... just like her mom.

I could not have asked for better timing on this... the school buses coming and going it was amazing!

One of my personal favorites.

Katie Sanders Maternity

I'm not going to write much about this shoot... Just trying to get caught up again with my posting. Needless to say, Ben and Katie are awesome to work with, I'll be posting pictures of the new addition soon.

I love this photo...

Katie is so lovely.