Monday, June 25, 2012

Seniors: Amanda

Tons of fun!! The second half of Amanda's shoot we took her prom dress down to the river and did a "trash the dress" shoot.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Seniors: Max

This was a senior shoot I did just this past week.  He actually had just graduated and had finally gotten around to having some photos done.  Awesome guy... super smart.

Sofia 1 Year

Believe it or not this was a rainy stormy day... we just snuck out inbetween showers... you would have never guessed.  My son was also there for part of it and was sooo cute... the pictures in the tent Nico sang to Sofia to keep her from crying and it worked. What a fun spring shoot.

Matrenity: Lynn

Lynn was an amazing model... and a beautiful mom.  Oh yeah, and Ben was great too... very patient.

Weddings: Jen and Matt

One of my other weddings from this summer.  I got some of my all time favorite wedding photos ever at this wedding... just beautiful.  And Jen and Matt were AWESOME!!

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