Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Engagements: Savannah & Tim

For Savanna and Tim we went to the botanical gardens at the university. She said she wanted flowers as opposed to buildings as a back drop. It looks like I will get to fly to Ohio to shoot their wedding next summer.
They were really great to work with... very easy.

I love this one... you can see how much he loves her.

So great.

Oh yeah baby!

This bridge always makes for great photos.

"Why, yes. We do model for Abercrombie."

He picked the ring himself...good man.

This was my favorite... love the colors... love this lens, it makes everything so pretty.

For the grandparents.

And not so grandparents.

Tolman Twins

So one of my best friends had twins... how fun is that. They were just about two weeks old in these photos. I think we could have gotten them to curl up more if we had done the photos earlier, but unfortunately I was out of town.
This is Giaus... He's so handsome. I fell in love with him while I was editing his photos.

Love this photo. What a great expression.

That's Gretchen on top... she was born first.

So sweet... boy was this a hard pose to get. They were supposed to both be sleeping... yeah right.

But Gretchen being awake made for some fun shots too.

So I crocheted these diapers... aren't they fun?

What a pretty smile.

And this time Giaus was awake.

So precious.

And Mom.

So fun.

Weddings: Stephanie & Jon

This wedding was particularly fun since there were no groomsmen or bridesmaids and the bride and groom wanted to do a shoot of just them before the wedding. So we had time to take lots of good photos of them... which hardly is ever the case.

They got married at Stepanies parents house which was kind of like a small farm.

The old tractor was fun.

Love this one... she looks so beautiful.

Ok... How awsome is this?

These ones against the barn are some of my favorites.

The old truck was super fun too.

Stephanie's sister is an interior decorator so she decorated... awsome.

Very fun favor idea.