Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Photos: Abby & Elliott

A mother with her new baby is a beautiful thing. An fun to capture that beauty with a camera.
Elliott had a bit of a hard time with the lights, but we got lots of good shots considering.

Love the details of the hands and feet.

Especially this one with mom's face in the background.

So fun.

And so beautiful.

Kids Photos: Ollie's Girls

These girls were part of a family photo shoot I did... these were my favorite shots of them.

Maternity Photos: Devin

Devin is always so much fun to take pictures of. She has wild curly hair, and always wears funky colors.
This one was my favorite of the day.

Super beautiful mama in black and white.

I love how the edits on these make her belly look like it's made out of gold.

Portraits: Daniel

This is my husband Daniel, he spent a few years growing his hair out till last summer he decided he'd had enough. I wouldn't let him cut it off till I'd taken some pictures for the archives... We cut it immediately after these photos were taken.
This one is my favorite.

This one just makes him look HOT!

The man who can never smile if he know some one's taking his picture... I think our wedding was a real stretch for him.

Modeling Portfolio: Sigret

This was by far the craziest shoot I've ever the rain at the hot springs...getting eaten by mosquitoes... in my bathing suit.
Sigret was amazing to work with, being a professional model, I didn't have to worry about anything other than framing up my shots... she gave me so much to work with. I love how the steam from the hot springs almost gives a grainy look to the photos.

Her daughter... equally as beautiful.

But definitely a hip teenager.

Oh these were fun... her boyfriend would help through her into the water... in that dress she kind of looks like a mermaid.

This one is so surreal... I love it... she looks almost fake.

One of my faves.

So while we were taking these shots a moose showed up in the woods to eat... so we made him part of the shoot.

He was there for a long time... even through a wardrobe change.

Vintage Shoot: Brianna

This was one of my favorite photo shoots ever... we go so many great shots. I met this girl when i lived in Cali... she dressed 1940's everyday, so she had tons of amazing clothes.
And she is a beautiful girl.

This shot reminds me of something out of an old fashion magazine.

And this one is just beautiful.

Look look look at those shoes!

Product promotion shoot.

These were some prom0 pictures I took for a local company that makes a traction material called Xtremegrip. They were making some proto types of shoe traction pads.
Sigret got married in an Ice Chapel and used this stuff on her heels... we had fun.

They had a request from a mountain climber to make something that could go on their booties... apparently they loose a lot of climbers every year when they step out of their tent in the morning and slide down the mountain side.

Engagements: James & Alicia

For James and Alicia's shoot we went to the botanical gardens up at UAF, and then to the Chena Wayside Park.

The tree tunnel can is really fun, although the lighting in there can be tricky.

Love the dead leaves on the tree with the snow hanging off them.

I'm not sure if you're supposed to climb into this sculpture or not, but we did anyway, and got some fun shots out of it.

What a beautiful morning.

Love the ice fog over the river.

This one was my favorite of the day, looks like it should be in a J. Crew magazine or something.