Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Modeling Portfolio: Sigret

This was by far the craziest shoot I've ever the rain at the hot springs...getting eaten by mosquitoes... in my bathing suit.
Sigret was amazing to work with, being a professional model, I didn't have to worry about anything other than framing up my shots... she gave me so much to work with. I love how the steam from the hot springs almost gives a grainy look to the photos.

Her daughter... equally as beautiful.

But definitely a hip teenager.

Oh these were fun... her boyfriend would help through her into the water... in that dress she kind of looks like a mermaid.

This one is so surreal... I love it... she looks almost fake.

One of my faves.

So while we were taking these shots a moose showed up in the woods to eat... so we made him part of the shoot.

He was there for a long time... even through a wardrobe change.

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