Sunday, June 13, 2010

Families: The Tolmans

This post is a little out of order... it is actually from last summer. I forgot about these pictures, but I wanted to post them anyway, since they are one of the only family shoots I have right now.

Even though you can't see their faces... I love this photo of them.

This is also one of my favorites.

Maternity: Abby

For Abby's maternity photos we went to the library... they have some beautiful spots for taking pictures.

This is one of my faves of the day.

Its hard to tell in this photo, but Abby found two lady bugs... she has them on her hand. She's pregnant with twins so she thought it was appropriate.

Love how natural and beautiful this one feels.

This tree was awesome.

This is probably my absolute favorite... she looks so beautiful and the wind caught her hair just right.

When movie stars get pregnant.

The grass almost looks fake in this photo.

Just beautiful.

Portraits: Jessie

Jess' outfit from the first half of our shoot just made everything feel 1970's. She just reminded me of all the old pictures of my mom from my child hood. I edited all the photos to kind of have that feel... I love the way they came out.
Especially the color on the tin in this one... really brings out her eyes.

She is absolutely beautiful.

Love the grungy feel in this one.

Can we say super model?

Peeling paint effect... so fun.


This one really feels old school to me... love it.

Then a change of outfit and into the woods... totally different feel.

Love these shots.

Just amazing... I told her this one is for her husband... so dreamy.

Babies: Elliott and Nico

Took all of these photos just in Elliotts back yard with his toys and a few of his dad's tools. I really like this shoot because it's the direction I want to be taking my photography. Almost photojournalism style family pictures of kids just being themselves... Deffinitly a lot of work chasing them around.

And we drug a big oversized chair outside too.

Nico's such a flirt.

Lord knows what they're talking about.

Elliott decided he wanted to work on his dads gas tank with his vise grips.

He sure does talk a lot for a little guy.

This was probably my favorite shot of the day.