Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Engagements: Ben & Jess

So Ben's big idea for engagement photos was... lets go find a pile of junk and some old equipment. They came out quite well... good thinkin Ben.

Jess is so beautiful it was easy to get great shots of her.

I think Ben paid like $300 for those boots as a graduation present when Jess finished her

This is one of my all time favorite picts.

Uhh... where to now... actually that's exactly what he was thinking we were scoping for our next good spot.
And we found some sort of tractor... made for some awesome photos... I went for a more creative grungy look for the edits on these.

This one she has hanging on her wall.

Gotta love the peeling painted plywood... it makes me think... white trash maybe... not really, but definitely fun.

He's showing her the house he's going to buy her... some day.

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