Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tolman Twins

So one of my best friends had twins... how fun is that. They were just about two weeks old in these photos. I think we could have gotten them to curl up more if we had done the photos earlier, but unfortunately I was out of town.
This is Giaus... He's so handsome. I fell in love with him while I was editing his photos.

Love this photo. What a great expression.

That's Gretchen on top... she was born first.

So sweet... boy was this a hard pose to get. They were supposed to both be sleeping... yeah right.

But Gretchen being awake made for some fun shots too.

So I crocheted these diapers... aren't they fun?

What a pretty smile.

And this time Giaus was awake.

So precious.

And Mom.

So fun.

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