Monday, October 25, 2010

Grant & Mar October 2010

This was my first outdoor winter shoot. On accident ended up being right at sunset... it was awesome. Mar is from Spain, Grant is from Colorado and they are moving in a few months so they wanted pictures in Alaska.
These were my absolute favorites... the sun was amazing on their faces.

Mar thought Grants face looked funny in this picture, but I think it's cute. It's the "Yup I've got a hot wife and I'm proud of it." face.

I love this photo of Mar... she thinks she looks too serious :)

This ones not so serious.

She just looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo.

The sun was so amazing.

The ones from the woods definitely look more winter in Alaska. We planned the shoot for this day because it was supposed to snow... but it was 40 degrees instead and everything was melting.

And they wanted fun, so we did fun.

This one is a good one for the grandparents.

And this one is just cool :)

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