Monday, November 15, 2010

Infants: Aurellia June Townsend

I love doing these shoots. I also love that I go to the parents house so they don't have to try and get out of the house with a new baby. So this is Aurellia June Townsend, she is just over a week old, and she doesn't like anything even remotely rough and crochet... it took us an hour of screaming to figure out she didn't like the crochet diaper we put on her... so we went o'naturale and only had 3 accidents :) ... and had to get creative with the lighting since the sun had gone down by that time. Believe it or not this was lit with just overhead incandescent lights and some reflectors, I'm really happy with the results considering.
She was such a beautiful sweet baby.

And we got a smile out of her... so sweet!

It took me a while to get her here, but I finally got her flipped over and curled up on her belly.

I found this hat a Blueberry Baby and used on of her flowers.

Love the feet, and the lighting.

And the not so pretty faces... these are usually my favorite shots.


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